Knuckle Boom Crane
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Knuckle boom crane--Effer350

Product Parameter
Max Lifting MomentkNm308.5
Max Working Rangem14.68
First-Arm Angle(Max Moment)°26
EN12999 Working Type
Max Dynamic Load MomentkNm419
Slewing MomentkNm68
Max Off-Load Angle°5
Slewing Angle°407
Outtrigger Spanmm6400 reaction of landing gearkN135
Max Flow of Main Valve1/min100
Max Pressure of Main ValveMpa31
Minimun Power RequiredkW52
Oil Tank CapacityL140
Input VoltageV24/12DC
Crane WeightKg4090
Hydraulic oil weightKg130
Amount of Tie Rods°8
Tie Rods Size°M33X2
Material of Tie Rods°42CrMo Slack quench
Tightening torque of Tie RodNm1200

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